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    A garden pavilion in Washington DC designed by Robert Gurney Architecture. See more here!

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That Bridge


    That Bridge

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    Casa El Carajo Colombia Obranegra Arquitectos

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    Anagrama    |    http://anagrama.com

    "Argo is a consultant’s agency located in Romania. People who are part of this firm, specialize in art investigation and history with a main objective: Discover new artistic work. As a consultant’s agency we created a modern museum-like sensation using a simple color palette. In addition, an emblem inspired on a compass is implemented for the sole purpose of highlighting the brand’s main function, to discover artwork. Argo utilizes it’s own art pieces for its brand communication achieving a sense of belonging and pride to their own work."

    Anagrama is an international branding, architecture and software development firm with offices in Monterrey and Mexico City. Their clients include companies from varied industries in countries all around the world. They create the perfect balance between a design boutique and a business consultancy, from focusing on the development of creative pieces with the upmost attention to details, to providing perfect solutions based on the analysis of tangible data. 

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    Crosson Clarke Carnachan. Birkenhead House.. Birkenhead. New Zealand. photos (c) Patrick Reynolds

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