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Adventure - Free Logo Friday by Ian Barnard Twitter: @visualvibs
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    Welcome Wall by Another Collective, Eduardo Rodrigues & Bruno Soares

    Welcome Wall
    The wall here presented aims to be a mark of our identity.
    By using chalk and white pastel pencil, the typography composition wants to give a warm reception to everyone that visits Another Collective, quoting “Welcome to Another Collective | Design Studio | Since 2012”.
    Initially, small sketches were created on paper and finally transfered
    to the black wall.
    We will be delighted to welcome you, if you are around here.
    Be welcome.
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"Trumpet" by @c_malli  #goodtype #typography #design #lettering #typedesign #handlettering #trumpet


    "Trumpet" by @c_malli
    #goodtype #typography #design #lettering #typedesign #handlettering #trumpet

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    Holiday Inn mural by Tobias Hall

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    Merde on Threadless
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    Merde -Brian Maw