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    Installation in London Bridge Station, 2008 by Hans Kottler

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    Blackpool is a quiet town in the United Kingdom and is located near Liverpool just opposite the Isle of Man, this magnificent piece by Gordon Youngis a huge installation made up of about typographical 2,200 square meters of floor on which they were placed about 160 000 letters (characters) in granite of various colours.

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    The Pantone Rainbow for Basheer Graphic Books

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    Green Pedestrian Crossing created by Jody Xiong

    The China Environmental Protection Foundation developed an outdoor campaign, displayed on the street, to creatively promote this message. They decided to leverage a busy pedestrian crossing; a place where both pedestrians and drivers meet.

    The campaign involved laying a canvas 12.6 metres long by 7 metres wide on the ground, thus covering the pedestrian crossing with a large leafless tree. On either side of the road, beneath the traffic lights, were placed sponge cushions soaked in green, environmentally friendly, washable paint. As pedestrians walked towards the crossing, they stepped on the green sponge, thus leaving green foot imprints on the canvas of the tree. Each ‘green’ footprint on the canvas looked like leaves growing on a bare tree, which made people feel that by walking they could create a greener environment.

    The ‘Green Pedestrian Crossing’ was carried out across 7 thoroughfares in Shanghai. The campaign was then extended to 132 roads across 15 cities in China, with a participation exceeding 3,920,000 people.

    Watch their video below:

  7. visual-poetry:

    “point of view (eine frage des standpunkts)” by anatol knotek

    you can find more of my text-objects » here «

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Shadow Art
by Rashad Alakbarov


    Shadow Art

    by Rashad Alakbarov

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    Martin Luther King wasn’t the only one who had a dream: artist Peter Fecteau had a dream one night while working with the design company Spout.com (now Pomegranite Studios) about making an gigantic image out of Rubik’s Cubes. Bringing his dream into reality, he created a mosaic consisting of 4,242 “rented” Rubik’s Cubes (from You Can Do The Cube), weighing about 1000 pounds, in which not a single colored sticker out of 38,178 were tampered with or moved. The project involved a donation of $9,000, $8,000 just to rent the cubes. A personal donation of $4,000 was made as well as fundraisers and events with the help of Kickstarter.com.

    With his piece, titled “Dream Big,” he entered the 2010 ArtPrize competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he placed 50th out of over 1,700 entries. Would Fecteau have received closer to 1st place if it weren’t for an error in the contests text-message driven voting? I think so. The huge wall hanging was left on display at ArtPrize for the month of October and later disassembled to be shipped back to You Can Do The Cube. The ultimate beauty of this project’s temporal nature: though Fecteau’s dream came true for just a moment, like Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have A Dream,” the memories of the masterpiece continues to inspire us to turn our ideas into reality.

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Stag by Jordan Rogers