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    Asama House // Atelier Bow-Wow

    Minimalist weekend house to the north-west of Tokyo, situated inside one of Japan’s national parks.

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    A House for Hermes  |  Andrew Simpson Architects

    - Divided into two primary volumes, the nucleus of the house is a reconfigurable kitchen in which the joinery works as the connective threshold between ground and first floor. This area is designed to accommodate a range of activities from group cooking classes to an intimate meal.

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    Tata&Friends   |    http://tatafriends.com

    "After doing some research on icons design we decided to make this tribute to the bands we love. Literal Rock Band Icons."

    We are a design muscle for positive brands. We lead visual strategies so that our clients reach their customers´ hearts. We believe in process, research, experiments, curiosity and positive thinking. Tata&Friends is a place to grow, to collaborate, to learn and to share knowledge.

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Screenprinted Deer (Yellow Ed.): by Daniel


    Screenprinted Deer (Yellow Ed.): by Daniel

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Dublin Door by Al Power
Twitter: @Trendgrafeed
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Swiss Graphic Design.
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Victory In Hope by Nicholas D’Amico
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